Aug 1, 2023
Automate the boring stuff - a Unity EditorWindow that lets you automate changing values, renaming objects, adding and removing components, positioning elements, etc.
Over the years I’ve made several attempts at a generalised solution to the problem of automating boring stuff. BatchProcessor is the best one so far!
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➡️ Available on the Unity Asset Store: ⚙️ BatchProcessor

What is it and what does it do?

It’s a Unity EditorWindow that’s split into 4 sections:
  • 🔍 Find - Find and filter objects (search for any kind of value on pretty much any kind of field)
  • 🔢 Found - Result of your search - sort ascending/descending/randomly
  • ⚙️ Do - Add “Processors” to do stuff with your found objects (assign values, add/remove components, add prefabs, arrange object, etc.)
  • 🔢 Done - All objects that have been processed the last time you executed the Do column
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Speed of use

BatchProcessor can deal with pretty much all the fields on all the components on all the objects in all your open scenes. So just showing the user a long list of everything would not be good enough. So in addition to the list I added a search field that auto-assumes focus. As you type it greys out everything that’s not a match. You can Tab through the remaining matches and press Enter to accept.
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Under the hood, I use Reflection to support custom classes. Any supported field on any kind of class you write will be automatically supported!
On the ⚙️ Processing side, I tried to make it as easy as possible to write custom “Processors”.
I added a custom item to Unity’s Create menu under C# Editor/Custom Processor - this pops up a window asking for a name, then creates a script that is pre-filled with everything you need. Change some things around in there and you’ve got a custom processor that does exactly what you need!
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I came up with a basic set of “Processors” that could handle most use cases:
  • Assign value - assign, add, subtract, multiply, prepend, append, replace, regex (depending on selected type)
  • Assign interval - can be used to rename things, add a string to set/replace/append/prepend, then set a starting value and a step value. But can just as well be used with other types to assign the transform.position.y value of a group of objects - start at 12, add 2.5 for each, etc.
  • Add/Remove Component - add or remove components from objects
  • AddPrefab - add prefabs 🙂
  • PositionArrange - arrange in a circle, arrange in a line or look at a specific target. Comes with nice scene-view UI that makes it easy to set everything up just the way you want.
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