Gusts of Wind

Jul 31, 2023
Buy a historically important gust of wind as selected by the Anemoi - the greek gods of the four winds. A collection of NFTs that tests the limits of what an NFT can represent.
Well, someone had to do it… In between the endless floods of terrible collections of JPGs, I tried to create a collection of NFTs that showed some artistic merit and tested the limits of what an NFT could represent. No one cared. But I had a good time nonetheless…
Gusts of Wind 🌐 →
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The Anemoi - the gods of the four winds - have spoken
It is in their name and through their command that we immortalize 77 of the most significant gusts of wind - sent out over the past 5000 years.
Take ownership of a piece of divine history.
Empires may have risen and fallen, discoveries made, lives changed - but what exactly these gusts of wind have caused or prevented - us mere mortals may never know.
In the name of Boreas (god of the cold north wind), Eurus (god of the east wind), Notus (god of the south wind) and Zephyrus (god of the west wind).
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Each NFT comes with attributes that hint at what it represents: date, time of day, wind speed, continent, region, lon/lat and which gods were involved. Have a look at this one on Solana Explorer: A Gust of Wind #17 - Seems like Boreas was messing with a fleet of ships in the Mediterranean Sea in 492 BC…

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