New Orbit - Episode 2 (Failed)

Aug 20, 2023
I wanted to take it to the next level, grow the team and raise funds on Kickstarter. And it almost worked…
After the reasonable success of Episode 1, I wanted to take it to the next level. I had a mailing list with 5000 email addresses of people who wanted to be kept up to date on the progress and so I decided to grow the team and raise funds on Kickstarter. And it almost worked.
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Too bad. I moved on to other projects, but occasionally I find myself wondering if maybe someday I’ll be able to get back to it and finish Episode 2… And if only without all the fluff, just as a direct sequel to Episode 1.
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The ship building system was starting to be quite awesome. Every module installed, even every drop of fuel used changed the mass of the ship.
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I had come up with clever ways of switching between 3D and 2D: The closer you move to the ship and cockpit, the more the entire world slides apart into 3D space. Zoom out and everything flattens back into a single plane. And the ship’s position depends on the objects close by. So from inside the cockpit you could look at the world in 3D, but zoom back out and you’re essentially back in familiar - but better-looking - terrain 2D space!
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The story was going to get wild. At the end of Episode 1 we left Jonah sitting on an asteroid with not just all his hopes of getting rescued crushed, no instead they sent him orders that could only be described as a suicide mission: Go to the center of the forbidden zone and find out its secret, or die trying. Well… Is it ever that simple?
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