All on my own (Outro Song for New Orbit Ep1)

Sep 2, 2023
Reminiscing about the soundtrack of the game and the single song in it.
New Orbit is a game about a young engineer lost in space, far far away from home, in a tiny, badly damaged shuttle, running low on fuel, food and air. So to emphasise the desperate situation and the loneliness in space I didn’t want any music during the game, just noises, rhythmic creaks and bits that sounded like broken machinery. I made a few loops of drones of varying intensity and a “danger theme” that sounded significantly more alarming.
But once you were done with the game, during the outro and credits, it would play this song I wrote: ▶️ All on my own 🎵 (Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music)
All alone - a million miles from home All alone - far from everything I’ve known My fuel is low, me feet are cold My shuttle is no sight to behold
But no…. Don’t want to die out here alone
But how can I make my way back home? All out of hope, all on my own All on my own All on my own All on my own
I really like how it turned out and I think it fits the game so well!
The first verse continues the desperate mood of the entire episode, but then erupts into the cathartic refrain where the main character finally voices that he can’t escape the most basic human drive: survival. No, despite everything, he does not want to die out here alone! That feeling rings on for a while during the guitar solo, and then it glides into the second verse and leads to him asking himself the all important question: but now what?

There’s an alternate version of the song too: There’s a sequence in the game where you come across an SOS-call from a woman and her baby. You’re being told that the call might be real, but the setup is obviously a trap and that they’ve only been left alive to “attract idiots like you”. The main purpose of this was to drive home that you have entered a region of space where there’s no more humanity to be found and no more human decency to be expected. Homo homini lupus. And I never intended for them to be rescuable, but my wife is such a kind soul and insisted that yes, everyone else might be evil - but the player should have the possibility to do good. And I think she was right. I made it as hard as possible, but if you would carefully and slowly dock at the right end of their ship, you’d stay just barely outside the trigger range of the mine strapped to the tail of their vessel. And most players tried oh so very hard to save them… In any case: If you actually managed it, they would cram into the back of your tiny shuttle and comment on your doings for the rest of the game. And of course they would also talk over the song… “All on my own” - “Ahem, except for us?!”

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